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How to Create Self-Signed SSL Certificates with OpenSSL How to Create Self-Signed SSL Certificates with OpenSSL
This is yet another tutorial for creating self-signed SSL certificates using OpenSSL for use with the Apache Web Server. It'll teach you how to create a private, generate a certificate signing request (CSR), self-sign the CSR so you can enable SSL in an Apache SSL virtual host, remove the pass-phrase from your private key to disable the Apache prompt in case your server ever reboots or you need to reload changes, install your certificate and private key, configure your virtual host, and try out your secure web site to make sure it works with your new self-signed cert.

Apache Web Server Tutorial for Linux Apache Web Server Tutorial for Linux
Apache is one of the most popular open-source web servers available today and this tutorial will teach you how to configure Apache 2.x on CentOS Linux. It shows you how to install the Apache web server, mod_ssl, and PHP using yum, setting Apache to start on bootup with chkconfig, configuring Apache's server settings in httpd.conf, creating your web site directory structure, creating VirtualHost configuration files, starting the Apache service and testing your web site, and finally going over other Apache options and things to know.

Festival: Linux Text-To-Speech Tutorial and Demo Festival: Linux Text-To-Speech Tutorial and Demo
It's time for another Linux and PHP tutorial and this time it's all about text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis using Festival and text2wave. TTS is nothing new and we've all heard it in one form or another, be it an animated Microsoft Merlin character, a digital voice telling us our menu options on the phone, or some sort of survey script making telephone calls from preselected numbers, text-to-speech technology is everywhere. Well, now it's time for you to use it to your advantage. Learn how to use the free Festival framework for converting your written text into digital speech.


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Welcome and thank you for visting XenoCafe. This site has gone through few changes over the years. Reason being I haven't had a clue what to do with it. After some deep thoughts, I have finally found a purpose for it. I have decided to use it as an information avenue. XenoCafe is now dedicated to supplying code and tutorials to anyone that has an interest in programming or learning how to do anything computers. My goal is to make the tutorials easy to follow and understand by using plain English and plenty of screenshots. My name is Tony and if you have any feedback on the site - requests, complaints, suggestions - you can reach me through the contact form. I hope you find this site useful and be sure to check out my blog.

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AMC's Mad Men Contest 9.3.2008

My friend David has been bumped from the Mad Men "Win a Walk-On Role" Contest. It's now down to the last 18 people. It was fun while it lasted. Last count on votes I saw he had was 20 or something. Not much... My opinion is he entered the contest too late and no one wanted to vote for him. Regardless, we had fun making the video and I got to be the director and film editor. I'd like to do more video projects like that, but then I guess it'd make me a hypocrite because of my post below (you know, the whole no time thing). It was an hour long project...tutorials take longer than an hour to create.

Nothing New for Quite Some Time... 9.3.2008

Sands of time Some of you may be thinking I've abandoned all work on this site and poured all my time into my blog. Ehh, that's partially accurate. If you've noticed, I haven't done anything with my blog either for months now. I've said it before and I'll say it again - there is not enough time in the day. Many visitors have sent requests for tutorials. There was even one person that was teaching a class and wanted permission to use my site as a reference. As always, I welcome your comments, feedback, requests, etc. I'm just really busy. Until cloning has been perfected and it's legalized for humans, there will only be one of me for now doing it all. Everyone, just be patient...please.

Yet another unreliable hosting company... 5.28.2007

Yes, it's a picture of a server It's time for one of my rants again. This time it's over the excessive downtime this server has been experiencing -- not due to hacking, or lock-ups, or even shoddy scripts or clients doing naughty things, but because of the hosting company. Several months ago I moved everything off my home server onto this one -- I outgrew my DSL connection. I did some research and read some favorable opinions and chose the host I'm with now. Everything was fine at first until lately. Last week there was over three hours of downtime, and now another 10 minutes, plus more here and there. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and have rode it out, but now my clients are complaining, and as you all know, once that happens it's time to do something. I'll be looking for another company this June and plan yet another move -- this is getting rather annoying.

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